Ann Michell 3 Hook Latex Waist Cincher 2023
  • Ann Michell 2023 Latex Waist Cincher
  • Ann Michell 2023 Nude
  • Ann Michell 2023 Nude

Ann Michell 2023 3 Hook Cincher


Want an hourglass figure?  Try our Ann Michell 3 Hook Black Latex Waist Cincher. Wear this cincher under your clothes to give you that beautiful “curve” in your midsection.  The cincher slims and lifts instantly.  This cincher is very sturdy and requires you to have correct posture while shaping and slimming.

Contains latex. Do not order if you’re allergic to latex.

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Product Characteristics

• Long Torso
• Ideal for exercising, walks and work.
• Internal latex for maximum perspiration.
• 3 hooks
• High compression, molds, thermal action.
• Abdomen control