Men’s compression tank top with zipper
  • Men's Compression Tank
  • Camiseta Térmica Correctora Postura 7005

Men’s Compression Tank with Zipper


This Thermal Compression Vest with Zipper provides a slimming garment for men while correcting your posture. The vest has internal hooks with a zipper over. This undetectable garment stimulates thermal activity in your core, strengthening it and flattening your abdomen. The vest provides back support and corrects your posture with the help of the compressing criss cross design. Made with  antibacterial fabric. Discreet men’s shapewear.



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Product Characteristics

• Crossed bands of high compression like as posture corrector
• Internal latex for thermal action
• Permanent compression on the skin
• High back, corrects posture, molds waist and abdomen.